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Aberdeen seafarers’ charity fears unpaid crew could be stuck for weeks

Local seafarers’ charity Apostleship of the Sea (AoS) is providing pastoral and emotional support to the crew of offshore supply ship MV Malaviya Seven currently detained in Aberdeen.

AoS Aberdeen port chaplain Doug Duncan knows the crew well, having met them previously when the ship called at Aberdeen on different occasions.

The 15 Indian nationals have not been paid for nearly two months, with some having been without pay for longer.

The ship is docked at Albert Quay and is not expected to leave until all the seafarers get paid.

Doug said, “I went on board the ship at 7.30am yesterday (June 15) and spent most of the day there with the crew. They just want to get paid and go home.”

“However we fear that their ordeal could drag on for weeks, if not months, because of the huge amount of money involved.

“Their predicament is made worse as they are stranded miles away from their homes and family members,” he said.

Doug is working closely with the local International Transport Workers Federation (ITF) and other maritime-based representatives involved in the case.

“It’s an anxious and stressful time for the crew but having someone from AoS they know and trust support them makes a difference,” he said.

Port chaplain supports injured fishermen

In February, Apostleship of the Sea (AoS) supported an injured fisherman in Aberdeen whose thumb was severed while fishing.

The fisherman from the Philippines had to be airlifted to Aberdeen hospital for surgery after sustaining the injury while working in Shetland.

Aberdeen port chaplain Doug Duncan received a telephone call on February 17 informing him about the incident from the parish priest in Shetland, and drove to the hospital to meet the fisherman who was still in shock but being well looked after.”

Doug continued, “His thumb had been severed while fishing and although it had been reattached the hospital feared it would not take.”

Doug returned to the hospital the following day and provided the fisherman with clothing and phone cards so he could contact his family back home.

“He was scheduled to go in for further surgery so I stayed and prayed with him before he went in,” said Doug.

The fisherman was able to return to the Fishermen’s Mission in Peterhead and and recovered well. “Sadly, the disability will have a major impact on his working life in the fishing industry,” said Doug.

Day to day, Doug visits ships in Aberdeen harbour, taking those who want to the seafarers’ centre, he is also at the centre on a Wednesday evening.

Just 3,000 Christmas presents to wrap…

So the festive season comes ever closer… and the Seafarers Centre needs your help!

Of course we are all looking forward to a great Christmas, with family and all the trappings – including many gifts no doubt.

However, it is a very different picture for those who bring us the gifts we buy – these are shipped by seafarers who spend long periods away from family and loved ones. Even those working in the harsh North Sea will spend 28 days or more and be at sea on Christmas Day.

We have the woolly hats… 3,000 of them! The video below is just one donation from a lady, the wife of a sea Captain from Great Yarmouth! We have had thousands of wooly hats donated from many folks – I thank each and every one of you!

That is why we need your help! As promised, I have fixed a number of evenings and afternoon to do the annual wrapping of Christmas Presents for seafarers.

This will take place at the Aberdeen Seafarers Centre on Market Street. We have a car park at the rear of the building which is well lit.

Click Here for mapIt is through the black gates next to the Gurkha Chef Restaurant.

All are welcome to join us for one or more of the evening or lunchtime sessions.

With three thousand parcels to wrap, we will be kept busy and of course, there will be some light humour too – I’ll keep my best jokes for you!!

Tea/coffee/tabnabs will be provided and you can come for an hour or the whole session.

So the dates are:

Monday 19th October 1800 - 2200
Wednesday 21th October 1130 - 1400
Thursday 22nd October 1800 - 2200
Monday 26th October 1130 - 1400
Tuesday 27th October 1800 - 2200
Wednesday 27th October 1800 - 2200






(Although I am hopeful that we will be finished before this, so please check with me first if it is still on!)

Any questions, just email me or call on 07754141076

Looking forward to seeing you on one or more of the sessions.

Here are some pictures from previous years… hopefully you will be enthused – remember, the more folks we have, the quicker we will finish!

Parcel wrapping has begun!


Vessel Christening

Howard was invited to participate in the Christening of two vessels recently.

The Cygnus Sentinel and the Ocean Falcon. These were enjoyable times and an opportunity to pray for and bless the crews of the vessels as well as presenting the captain’s a ‘Ships’ Bible’ which is gladly received!

Poor Filipino

Howard had met a Filipino seafarer who had a minor stroke which he has made a good recovery from. His company have treated him to the Douglas Hotel so he can rest. He was taken to a local shop for him to get some fish, vegetables and rice so he can make his own meals. The seafarer was very impressed with the facilities at the Centre and it is expected he will be using the resources a lot over the near future.

New Seafarers website.

Hopefully you will have noticed that the Aberdeen Seafarers website has been upgraded. Big thanks to PCL Group for setting it up. 


With the outbreak of the deadly ebola virus, some seafarers are being affected. Please watch this video for how to stay safe.